July 2015

Groynes soon for Ennore hamlets

K. Lakshmi.

With the environment clearance obtained recently for the project, work to construct ‘T’ shaped groynes — a collection of boulders laid into the sea and perpendicular to the shoreline — is set to begin in one or two months. These groynes will help in preventing further erosion of the coast and stop seawater incursion into fishing hamlets, particularly during monsoon.

The Water Resources Department will construct 10 groynes at regular intervals of 200-300 metres for a stretch of two kilometres near the villages of Ernavoorkuppam and Thalangkuppam along Ennore Expressway.

During northeast monsoon, residents of several villages, including Chinnakuppam and Netaji Nagar, face severe threat of erosion. Rough sea conditions during cyclones often result in flooding and road damage owing to storm surges.