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TRINet Newsletter February 2014 +  

ONGC restarts hunt for oil off Kerala coast

Organized data for effective management +  

It is widely believed that community based co-management is the best way to sustain small scale or artisanal fisheries worldwide. But the bedrock of an appropriate management approach is quality data. Here is a short report from FERAL, an NGO located in Puducherry which is trying to address this knowledge gap.


Artisanal fishing is no longer fishermen casting simple nets to make an honest living. This has long given way to teams of fifty to a hundred fishermen spreading five hundred kilogram nets with mesh sizes one tenth the legal limit over kilometres of the shoreline. The near shore ecosystem is devastated with every cohort of every species being harvested yet the men using these nets and their families live in abject poverty. This project, funded by the Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi, SEED Division, is about gathering data to document the ecological and economic changes and potential impacts creating governance structures adaptive to the data and long run sustainability as well as documenting the need for a greater number of local practical interventions along the Coromandel Coast of India.

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Mumbai agency to clean up Goa's beaches

Resilient Cities of the Future +  

Resilient Cities of the Future

TRINet Newsletter December 2013 +  

 Kerala sets up Rs 300-cr Coastal Shipping Promotion Fund

The State government has created a Coastal Shipping Promotion Fund in line with its professed aim to promote coastal shipping as a thrust area.The corpus of the fund is Rs 300 crore, according to K. Babu, Minister for Ports and Fisheries.

Decision on green nod for Vizhinjam in two weeks

A crucial decision on environmental clearance for Vizhinjam International Seaport and Container Transhipment Terminal is expected within two weeks. This became clear after an Expert Appraisal Committee of the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests wound up a third hearing in New Delhi on Saturday.

Communication in Fisheries +  

Fishing is considered a high risk profession. With a large number of marine fishermen who have moved beyond near-shore fishing, the need to be able to communicate to the shore as well as with each other while at sea is very important.

Deep Depression Nov 2013 +  


TRINet Newsletter November 2013 +  

19 killed as Odisha flood situation remains grim

The flood situation in Odisha continued to remain grim on Sunday, mainly in worst-hit Ganjam district, as the death toll rose to 19. “All the deaths were due to wall collapse and drowning,” Special Relief Commissioner P.K. Mohapatra said.

Blue Destruction +  

 Named Phailin (Thai meaning sapphire) on October 9th, what started off as a tropical depression on October 4th in the Gulf of Thailand, moved steadily west, passing over the Malay peninsula, over the Andaman Sea and into the Bay of Bengal. Eventually, it became a very severe cyclonic storm on October 10, with 1-minute sustained wind speeds of 260 km/h at peak intensity. With IMD and the other weather watchdogs worldwide keeping watch and proving updates, it soon became clear that the cyclone was headed for the Odisha coast. Alerts were sounded. It was likely to be worse than the 1999 Supercyclone. But we were forearmed – models predicted the likely landfall location and the time of landfall as well apart from warning about the places that were most likely to be affected. The IMD site was regularly updated. The actual track followed the predicted track. Almost a million people were moved to safe shelters before the cyclone hit the coastline on 12th of October.

TRINet Newsletter October 2013 +  

Rs 3.80 crore for Beypore port, Rs 1 crore for Vizhinjam

Fisheries and Port Minister K Babu said that administrative sanction has been given for Rs 1 crore for overall development of Vizhinjam port and Rs 3.80 crore for Beypore Port has been given.

Appraisal panel begins study on project report for Vizhinjam Seaport

The appraisal panel has begun examining the EIA report of Vizhinjam port project which was submitted by Vizhinjam port authorities last week. The panel has scheduled next hearing on October 21. According to port officials, EAC members sought more time due to the voluminous nature of the comprehensive EIA report which runs into 4,000 pages.

Foundation laid for Rs 78.50 cr fishing harbour at Poompuhar