Meeting to Discuss about the TN Govt. Project for providing sanitation facilities in 40 settlements

A meeting was organized to discuss the Tamil Nadu Government project to provide sanitation facilities in 40 settlements in tsunami affected areas. This meeting, called by the Consortium for DEWATS Dissemination (CDD) Society, Bangalore was hosted by Exnora International on March 1, 2007. This report provides highlights of the discussions. 


Post Tsunami Livelihoods Restitution in Tamil Nadu

A one day workshop on Post Tsunami Livelihood Restitution in Tamil Nadu was held at the IIT (Madras) on April 22, 2006, organized by the Society for Social Forestry Research and Development, Tamilnadu (SSFRDT) in collaboration with Wetland International, Hand in Hand and Prof. Subramanian of the German Studies Division, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT.

This workshop was organized to share the findings of the study on non marine fishing livelihoods restitution in post tsunami Tamil Nadu conducted by SSFRDT, Wetland International and Hand in Hand covering Villupuram, Pondicherry, Cuddalore, Karaikal, Nagapattinam and Kanyakumari. Several senior government officials belong to the Forest department, Tsunami Relief Commissioner’s office, Rural Development Department, some NGO and network representatives from SIFFS, TATA DHAN Academy, CEDAR, Center for Action Research and Training, Rural Technologies Application Group, Aid India, Organic Farmers Association, TRINet etc and academicians from the IIT and Annamalai University participated in the day long deliberations.  



Public hearing

3-4 October 2005. Public Hearing and Regional Conference on Tsunami Relief and Rehab. 

Public hearing on dalits in tsunami relief

30 August 2005. Public Hearing on discrimination against dalits in tsunami relief and rehab. Chennai 


Report on Child Protection workshop from Save the Children Fund, UK

Report of the District level workshop for government officials on Child protection in tsunami rehabilitation programme, Cuddalore, 22nd March 2006. Contributed by Seppi Sebastian [] 

Shelter core committee

13 December 2005:Shelter core committee meeting at TNTRC 


Shelter core group formation

4 October. 2005. TNTRC Shelter Core Group formation Meeting. 

Sphere standards - planning workshop

23 September 2005. Planning Workshop towards Sphere Standards-TN Project. 


State level consultation of traditional panchayatars

12 July 2005. TRRC. State level consultation of traditional panchayatars on GO 172. Meeting report 


Voices of Hope: Adolescents and the Tsunami:

Adolescents and young people have repeatedly proven that they can provide innovative solutions in the midst of complex humanitarian crises. Soon after the December 2004 tsunami they mobilized, helping to distribute aid, assisting with clean-up and rebuilding, and caring for those younger than themselves. Yet their enthusiasm, creativity and energy was not being fully utilized in rehabilitation and development efforts. This publication highlights the helpful, analytical and compassionate comments they made on UNICEF's Voices of Youth website, and firmly states that "it is time to listen" to these young people and to engage them as key partners.