American Signal Corporation Finalizes Deployment for Statewide Tsunami Early Warning System in Tamil Nadu, India

American Signal Corporation Finalizes Deployment for Statewide Tsunami Early Warning System in Tamil Nadu, India
Mass notification network will serve as an early warning for 67.5 million citizens

American Signal Corporation
17 Apr, 2017, 12:05 ET

MILWAUKEE, April 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On April 3, 2017 at its corporate office in Milwaukee, WI, American Signal Corporation (ASC) met with systems integrator and joint venture partner, United Telecom Ltd (UTL), to review and finalize the deployment of a statewide tsunami early warning system, designed for the government of Tamil Nadu, India.

The design and development of this early warning system is funded by the World Bank. It will serve to protect more than 67.5 million people who reside in Tamil Nadu and the southern Indian Peninsula from the threat of another devastating Tsunami, as well as loss of life from annual flooding.

American Signal Corporation was specifically selected by the Government of Tamil Nadu to create an early warning solution, based on the company's experience with large-scale design and deployment of similar systems worldwide. Most notably, this deployment will mirror the features of ASC's national tsunami early warning systems in Thailand and Sri Lanka, which boast ease of use, industry-leading functionality, unparalleled product quality and proven success.

"We're pleased to be selected for this project based on our proven experience in this market and the systems we've deployed to a high level of effectiveness in other regions of the world," said Richard Roe, Vice President at American Signal Corporation. "Being trusted to create an early-warning solution that will benefit upwards of 68 million people is no small honor, and it's a realization of our company's mission: to save lives every day."

The design for ASC's tsunami warning solution consists of 450 sites, with 2 geographically-separated command and control centers running the company's latest CompuLertTM NEXGen management software. CompuLertTM NEXGen enables the system to have multiple paths of connectivity for this solution, utilizing IP, Radio and GSM/GPRS systems for unimpeded signal delivery.

CompuLertTM NEXGen also affords operators the capacity to manage the system via satellite and Wi-Fi, should future system expansion require alternative connectivity. ASC's industry-leading management software also provides remote system access via a tablet or smartphone, protected by numerous levels of security to ensure access is tightly controlled and monitored at all times.

For more information about the joint effort between ASC and UTL to design and deploy Tamil Nadu's tsunami early warning system, please contact the company today. For more information about CompuLertTM NEXGen and ASC's integrated mass notification solutions, please visit the company's website at

American Signal Corporation (ASC) is a leading designer and manufacturer of mass notification solutions for a wide variety of applications worldwide. The company combines advanced engineering, innovative software and state-of-the-art equipment with an extraordinary record of longevity and expertise in the field, to develop and install compliant, versatile and effective notification systems. We aim to save lives every day.

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